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A Platform for Orchestrating Multi Enterprise Networks

How Third Generation Blockchain Networks Will Transform Business  

Blockchain and the Supply Chain

The third generation of blockchain networks have solved many of the problems of the earlier generations. Money is now pouring into companies developing blockchain-based platforms. These companies are targeting many traditional business models, especially those that involve brittle and complex B2B and B2C processes.

It’s time to take steps to prepare for this onslaught. Businesses need to learn how they can exploit and adapt this technology before it disrupts them.

This paper looks at how companies can use blockchain now, with pre-built blockchain-enabled apps, and build their own blockchain enabled apps with an easy to use Software Developers Kit (SDK).

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why ERP and B2B systems can’t compete with blockchain
  • The key differences between traditional centralized enterprise systems and decentralized network systems
  • What the rise of “blockchain-as-a-service” means
  • Why you need a multi-party network service in a blockchain world
  • How to leverage your current IT investments while enhancing them with blockchain
  • What you should know about Smart Contracts and “Proof of Service”
  • What the next-generation control towers look like

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By now most forward looking corporate business leaders, IT leaders and business consulting companies realize that the 3rd generation of blockchain networks fundamentally works and sooner or later is going to impact every market and corporation in one or more important dimensions. Scaling issues are quickly disappearing and transaction costs on many networks are plummeting.

The time for experiments to validate capability is coming to an end. More and more companies are making bold statements around their vision for utilizing block chains, many large iconic cloud companies are in stealth mode buying Blockchain companies and pouring money into their own Blockchain research. Some are motivated by fear of disruption while others see new business opportunities and a once in a lifetime chance to get an edge on the competition or move into previously impenetrable markets. Yet others are struggling with the basics of how Blockchain can help their business or just flat out ignoring the technology hoping that it will not impact their business for years to come. Many organizations are still completely unaware of Blockchain based organizations already targeting their business models directly armed with advanced well funded Blockchain platforms. Many decentralized Blockchain based organizations aim to completely disrupt brittle, complex B2B and B2C processes both technical and economic dimensions.