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Transforming the Department of Defense (DoD)

Platform for DoD: NMMES-TR and CIP Platform

A special event for System Integrators and Services Providers demonstrating One Network’s (ONE) unique approach to the Department of Defense (DoD) market. 

Using the U.S. Navy’s NMMES-TR requirements for a Capability Integration Platform (CIP) as an example, ONE will demonstrate how utilizing a transformational platform provides modernization, growth, and a guarantee that the system will never go legacy, creating value for the customer, Systems Integrators/Service Providers, and an ecosystem of developers.

The Technology

Learn how One Network’s Platform multi-party architecture enables rapid integration and implementation, cross-organizational/department collaboration and workflows, and low code/no code development where solutions never become legacy.

Hear how this Platform is easily adaptable through every layer, from top to bottom, from UIs and apps down to the master data model, and how it can be used to deliver rapid value.

The Process

Learn about our transformational business model that allows us to price, deploy, and support our customers in an entirely different way than both traditional ERP/enterprise solutions and BPM platforms.

Combine our Technology and Business processes and you get what we call a “supported capability”.  It is this revolutionary approach that gives you and your customers a better solution in about half the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

The Partnership Program

We will discuss how we partner to provide outcomes and supporting services that bring tremendous value for each party. Learn how we partner to deliver a shift in thinking and solution formation that changes the way IT and consulting deliver services and solutions.

ONE’s Technology + Business Process + Partnership =
Transformational Solutions and New Services that exceed Customer Expectations

  • Proven in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps where it received the Department of the Navy Information Management IT (DON IM/IT) Excellence Award.
  • “One Network’s Platform is unlike any other on the market...” – Major General John Philips, U.S. Air Force (retired)


Transforming the Department of Defense (DoD)

When: Thursday Oct 12th, 2017
We are offering two sessions, choose one:
Morning: 0930 to 1200 Afternoon: 1300 to 1530

Where: One Network’s Center of Innovation
2345 Crystal Drive , Suite 110
Arlington, VA  22202


What You Will Learn

One Network will share DoD lessons learned through multiple implementations, and its alignment to the Capability Integration Platform (CIP) being sought by the Navy.  Topics that will be briefed include:

  • Why focusing on the ‘How’ as well as the ‘What’ will help win more DoD  opportunities.  Don’t get caught in the traditional “requirements walk and gap analysis”; learn how by starting with core platform and integration capabilities and development tools coupled with a rich, extensive set of application modules, you can get to the objective with speed at a lower cost.
  • How ONE’s customers get maximum reuse of other services’ investment, providing built-in modernization, a never-legacy solution, faster go-live and lower costs in a “self funding” model.
  • How to use and leverage a Defense Core module to meet critical DoD mandates while making Defense-related capabilities available to all.
  • Why a multi-party, multi echelon network platform sets the bar for the NMMES-TR Capability Integration Platform (CIP)  requirements
  • How you can quickly embrace, enhance, and where needed replace legacy applications, eliminating legacy sustainment costs and creating a “self-funding” modernization model.
  • How System Integrators and Services Providers can profitably transform the DoD



Greg Brady, Greg Merrill, Jim Dubberly, Steve Glovier of One Network Enterprises (NMMES-TR)

Topics covered will include:

  • One Network Overview with Greg Brady, One Network CEO
    What makes the ONE Platform transformational?
  • Value of One Network at DoD Organizations with Steve Glovier
    Learn why DoD organizations choose One Network, and how ONE is leading the market in meeting DoD mandates to deliver unprecedented value.
  • One Network Platform
    • Platform capabilities, Integration Tools, BPR agility and the Developers Network with Greg Merrill, Chief Platform Architect
    • Complex Module Store and Community Master Data Management with Greg Brady, One Network CEO
    • Application Functionality with Jim Dubberly, Industry Director, A&D/Public Sector
  • ONE’s Partner Program with Greg Brady, ONE’s CEO
  • Questions and Answers - One Network panel.

Seats at One Network’s Center of Innovation are limited, so please reserve your seat now. Fill out the form to the right to book your seat and you will receive One Network’s white paper on A Platform for the Navy. This white paper is recommended reading before attending this event and will help you better understand the value of a multi-party network platform for your Defense prospects and customers.