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A Faster, Fresher Foodservice Supply Chain

Automate and reduce your planning and replenishment time

Demand Planning and Replenishment SolutionIn the foodservice industry, you already know that time is your enemy. Extra inventory can turn into waste and insufficient inventory can result in lost sales and disappointed customers. Your supply chain is far more complex than the relationship between restaurant and guest or store and buyer.

What if an out-of-stock item could be replenished in hours not days? Would that increase revenue and margin?

  • How demand sensing and CFM can take two days out of your replenishment cycle
  • How to move product from DC to store faster
  • How to reduce planning time and effort
  • Use historical event periods to generate future promotional lifts
  • How to use demand translation to create optimal, lot-sized replenishment orders for each store
  • And a lot more...

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