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Webinar: The Demand Sensing Revolution

Demand Sensing Case Study

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Companies are struggling with demand variability and how to meet consumer demand with the right supply at the right location at the right time. A new technique called Demand Sensing, by generating highly accurate short-term demand signals, can enable companies to meet consumer demand while driving the lowest cost possible across their distribution, manufacturing, and procurement activities. Could Demand Sensing help your company?

In this webinar, experts from the world of CPG and enterprise software, Mark Sims and Mark Zelenak, will share how One Network has worked with one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies to implement a demand sensing solution that is being used to increase on-shelf availability at one of the world's largest retailers. Drawing lessons from this actual case study, the following questions will be answered:

  • What is demand sensing and how does it reduce demand variability?
  • Why is a shared collaborative framework for both retailers and suppliers important?
  • How are challenges like product turnover, seasonal patterns, promotions, and thousands of inventory locations best managed?

Attendees will learn how companies are:

  • Capturing true consumer demand under constrained supply conditions
  • Maximizing their revenue and trading partner revenue while minimizing inventory
  • Gaining insight with smart analytics that give visibility into lost sales, retailer orders, and forecast accuracy

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