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Disrupting and Digitizing Ecommerce

Disrupting and Digitizing Ecommerce

How is it that some ecommerce companies are able to execute flawlessly and always seem to delight their customers while most are struggling just to maintain mediocre performance?

The answer lies in the underlying disruptive technology and processes that have been built to exploit them. This white paper compares the old system to the new model, and the advantages of the new technology. It covers the case of an ecommerce company and the results it is now achieving. You will learn:

  • How to connect every consumer, every retailer to the entire value chain of manufacturers, suppliers, logistics service providers and trading partners in real time
  • How to run all channels and business models including brick and mortar stores as well as digital non-stock and marketplace models, on a single platform
  • How to exploit artificial intelligence to automate many of the manual processes that material and logistics planners go through today with ‘intelligent agents’
  • How to utilize full serialized tracking of all high value assets (such as consumer electronic devices and smart-phones) throughout their life cycle with visibility to full chain of custody
  • How to plan, collaborate and execute on a single platform, to eliminate latency, boost service levels and lower inventory

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