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Integrated Business Planning Solution

A powerful planning solution with S&OP for today's globally sourced supply chains

Integrated Business Planning Solutions

The Integrated Business Planning solution includes services for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Business Continuity and Risk Management, and Sustainability. The Integrated Business Planning solution optimizes your short-term decisions while ensuring that your long-term goals are being met. The solution is built on One Network's cloud-based Real Time Value Network, which tracks, monitors, and plans continuously and in real time.

Find out how this advanced Integrated Business Planning solution can:

  • Provide you with a single version of truth for all your plans and transactions, simplifying your supply chain
  • Reduce demand and supply variability to driving down inventory and overall costs
  • See the financial impact of your plans or events so you can plan for profitability
  • Balance demand and supply internally to your enterprise and across key trading partners
  • And more...

“A lean supply network that enables Lighting Science and its trading partners to be highly responsive to the end consumer will help us greatly in maintaining a competitive advantage. We’ve chosen One Network’s Real Time Value Network for its proven ability to get us there.”

Jeremy Cage, CEO, Lighting Science Group