Video: Enabling Multi-Tier Supplier Collaboration with Intelligent Supply

Shirell James of One Network discusses how to achieve over 99% in-store service levels, dramatically reduce lead times, and lower inventory levels across the supply chain

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Intelligent Supply Solution: Multi-Tier Supplier Collaboration

Shirell James supply chain expert with One NetworkShirell James discusses One Network's Intelligent Supply solution, who it's for, how it works, and the services it includes. Watch this video to learn how Intelligent Supply provides unprecedented real time supplier collaboration with global, end-to-end visibility of all orders, shipments, inventory, and assets across the entire supply chain with automatic synchronization of supply to demand.

The Results: 99+% in-store service levels, dramatically reduced lead times, and lower inventory levels across the supply chain while simultaneously improving customer service levels.

What is Intelligent Supply?

Intelligent Supply is one of the key solutions provided by One Network, it enables an unlimited number of trading partners to plan, execute, monitor, synchronize, and optimize in a real time environment all of the business processes and events that take place throughout their extended supply chain, from customer to raw material suppliers.

By using Intelligent Supply, you and all your trading partners can share, plan and execute to drive product to the end customer.

The solution continuously adjusts itself and monitors for changes in demand and supply across the network to allow companies to collaborate on the same information, creating “A Single Version of Truth”, thus ensuring everyone is working toward a common goal.

How does it work?

The solution works by generating a single integrated demand forecast for all channels, for example retailers, e-tailers, web etc. This is done at the appropriate time buckets for all SKUs, and is at the SKU/day level for fast movers. From here the Intelligent Supply solution automatically matches all supply and capacities needed to service actual planned demand, ensuring you and your partners see a single version of the truth.

What are the key aspects of the solution?

Multi-Tier Supplier Collaboration Solution VideoThe intelligent supply solution contains a number of integrating services, including procure to pay, which allows a global network of trading partners to collaborate and execute in real time. Manufacturers, co-manufacturers, co-packers, raw material suppliers and MRO suppliers can all leverage a single multi-party, many-to-many network that easily integrates with existing systems to provide an accurate and common view of all supply chain operations. This also includes purchase order management, contract, invoice, spend and shipment management, as well as global sourcing and score carding.

Other key Intelligent Supply services include Multi-tier Inventory Planning and Optimization, Production Planning, and Demand Translation, which propagates actual and planned end-customer demand to all the trading partners in your supply chain, and automatically translates this demand into an order forecast to the appropriate level of detail and communicates this to suppliers and logistics providers. It constantly monitors demand and supply matches in the network and then flags any exceptions which cannot be automatically resolved, so that buyers, planners, and suppliers can proactively resolve any issues before they lead to things like stock outs, lost production, excess inventory, or issues with transportation.

The Intelligent Supply solution enables you to set up the inventory policy for each item location combination. You can set the inventory policy as min/max, reorder points/reorder quantity, or dynamic policies with days of supply.  With the inventory policy and forecasted demand, the advanced replenishment service can automatically create replenishment order forecasts with the appropriate frequency. This process can include purchase orders, VMI, consignment, etc. All this together makes it an extremely robust and practical tool.

What are the benefits of Intelligent Supply?

Aside from the increased visibility, planning and execution capabilities, and optimization that the real time network brings, other proven benefits customers have found are things like  99%+ in store service levels and inventory and fulfillment lead times reduced to near theoretical minimums, which allows for better control, improved working capital and cash flow, reduction in supply chain variability, and most importantly, the real time end to end visibility to all orders, shipments, inventories, and assets thoughout the supply chain. This is made possible by the supply network continuously and automatically being optimized to service the demand more efficiently.

Is it for me?
If you're a brand owner with much of your operations outsourced, or a manufacturer with high raw material lead times or excessive raw material holdings, or have a complex bill of materials or sourcing rules, then I would say Intelligent Supply from One Network is definitely for you.
How is it delivered?

All One Network solutions are delivered via the cloud, so all you and your trading partners need is a web browser in order to use the solutions.

One Network hosts the service so all infrastructure is provided by ONE, there is no need for customers to purchase hardware, also all software maintenance, support, and upgrades are included in the service, so total cost of ownership is lower than behind-the-firewall implementation.


Shirell James, ONEQuestions? Click here to email Shirell or Request a Demo. Shirell is a supply chain and solutions expert with One Network. She serves the UK and European markets.

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