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All About Control Towers: Here Are Your Downloads

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Inside Control Tower 4.0 - Achieving disruptive results from autonomous control towers

How Industry 4.0 technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and autonomous systems are being incorporated into the new Control Tower, and the dramatic results they make possible.

Download the Control Tower 4.0 presentation (PDF)

Control Tower Maturity Self-Assessment

Take the Control Tower Quiz - A quick quiz to help you identify where you are on the Control Tower Maturity Matrix.


Supply Chain Control Towers - Nucleus Research

The Control Towers Value Matrix 2017 - Nucleus Research

Control Tower technology has advanced considerably in the last few years. In this latest report Nucleus Research's surveys the current technology landscape and evaluates the leading vendors of control tower technology. Download the report and learn what to look for in a control tower, and why network technology with real time visibility and control across all parties is quickly becoming the new expectation.

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