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Parcel Management Tech Brief

What's holding back most parcel management companies, how they can grow, increase revenue, and become customer-driven

If you're a parcel management company, you need to create the optimal plan for customer fulfillment, track shipments across multiple partner networks, and instantly share this data with your customers. However, as this report explains, this is usually impossible due to today's technology landscape.

Instead, most companies  are “getting by” with manual processes and standalone systems leading to higher labor costs, errors and outdated data. a common consequence of manually entered data and transactions. Not only that, these costs and technology shortcomings tend to make it difficult to compete and bid for new business, and expand to new geographical areas. These factors undermine growth and profitability.

For these reasons, many parcel management companies are turning to the cloud. In particular, multi-party cloud platforms offer a unique solution to these challenges, and provide major benefits, such as simple on boarding, easy collaboration, full end-to-end visibility, and a lot more. 

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