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S&OP Sales and Operations Planning Brochure

Execute tactical and strategic S&OP plans with your trading partners

S&OP today is at a dead-end. The traditional S&OP process—where a lone enterprise creates a single consensus operational and financial plan to help synchronize its internal strategic, operational, and financial plans over an extended time horizon—typically fails to deliver the promised ROI. In fact, Gartner Research recently reported that fully 70% of S&OP processes today have “little discernible strategic dimension”.

Fortunately new technology can now overcome the problems inherent in traditional S&OP solutions and deliver on the promise, and much more.

Download this brochure to learn how new technology makes it possible to enjoy:

  • Visibility of trading partner business plans
  • Clear, near-instantaneous insight into the impact of changes on your entire supply network
  • Higher customer service levels
  • And much more