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5 Best Practices of S&OP Technology Solutions

Is your S&OP solution obsolete? Five must-have features of every modern S&OP solution

5 Best Practices for Modern S&OP Technology Solutions

Gartner research recently reported that 70% of S&OP (sales and operations planning) processes today have "little discernable strategic dimension." This white paper answers why this is the case, and explores the five best practice features that a modern S&OP technology solution should offer. 

However, today’s executives are frustrated—they know their companies are sitting on extremely valuable information assets and yet they are unable to leverage it for the benefit of their organization. 

You will learn how you can improve the decision-making process; how to leverage key trading partners in your S&OP process; what can be done to gain deeper insight into your business; how to speed up the creation and execution of plans; and how to minimize the IT hassles while implementing a robust S&OP solution that supports the way your business works. 

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