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3 Essential Tech Briefs for Supply Chain Executives

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Push vs. Pull Systems in Supply Chain SoftwarePush vs. Pull Solutions for Supply Chains

  • What all the companies in the Gartner Top 25 have in common
  • The "peanut butter" approach and why it is inevitable in a push system
  • The big flaw underlying all push systems (no matter how sophisticated)
  • Why retailers are the biggest casualties of the push system
  • How a pull system liberates you from the "peanut butter approach" and lets you take advantage of multiple replenishment policies as needed
  • Why a pull system prevents inventory "pile up" at the store
  • 5 major benefits of a pull system, including 30% reduction in inventory, and 20% increase in perfect orders


Cloud vs On-Premise Sofware SolutionsCloud-Based Supply Chain Technology vs. Traditional On-Premise Software

This tech brief presents 5 compelling reasons why cloud supply chain platforms outperform traditional solutions. You will learn:

  • How traditional systems introduce artificial delays into critical processes, resulting in service failures and excess inventory
  • How traditional systems' disjointed data leads to poor decisions
  • The cloud shortcut that eliminates the time-consuming and costly process that's part and parcel of most traditional solutions
  • The next major leap in supply chain performance, and why it can only be driven by the cloud


Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment vs. Demand Driven Value Network ReplenishmentCPFR Versus Demand Driven Value Networks Replenishment

  • Why CPFR is falling short in today's fast-paced environment
  • How Demand Driven Value Networks (DDVN) enable much more efficient pull systems
  • Why you should be wary of "pull-based" replenishment capabilities in traditional systems
  • The incredible statistic on demand planning implementation failures
  • The advantages you can expect from a DDVN including, full internal and external visibility, and real time replenishment signals across the entire network


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