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Webinar: The Power of PaaS with Rhino Technology

Case Studies in PaaS: US Marine Corps and Healthcare

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Global provider of PaaS and SaaS solutions, One Network, reveals how its partners and customers are leveraging One Network’s cloud platform to build, modify, and extend innovative multiparty applications. This webinar features case studies from the US DOD and the healthcare industry.

In this webinar, Trent Landreth (Sr. VP, Industry Network Applications) and other subject matter experts from One Network, is joined by Matt Edwards, CEO of Rhino Technology, a One Network partner and developer of applications for the defense industry.

The speakers discuss how One Network’s cloud platform and integrated development environment is being leveraged by its partners to quickly develop powerful and customized multi-party applications for their customers, simplified their technology landscape, and delivered rapid and dramatic results for themselves and their customers. 

Learn how Rhino Technology and One Network:

  • Joined forces to demonstrate during the US Marine Corps’ EXLOG Wargame the ability to rapidly create a cloud-based data exchange and application to eliminate the gap between standalone legacy applications and the enterprise resource planning tool (GCSS-MC)
  • Enabled a modern system for the Marines with better use of data, enabling quicker decision-making
  • Enhanced inventory visibility with 100% accountability using Rhino Technology’s AIMS Automated Armory application and submitting counts to the USMC’s ERP GCSS-MC
  • Reduced manual data entry by hours with simple integration between Rhino Technology’s AIMS modules and One Network’s PaaS.

In Healthcare:

  • Learn how One Network’s “single version of the truth” for a holistic patient record is delivering greater continuity in patient care
  • Healthcare Alerts, one of the first apps built on One Network’s exclusive Healthcare Industry Operating Environment with native HL7 support, will be profiled

 Who’s it for?

  • Professionals in the Commercial and Public Sector who are interested in how the latest cloud technologies are being applied to solve a wide variety of problems
  • 3rd Party App developers who want to build multi-party applications for any industry
  • Consulting firms who want to deliver more innovative solutions for the clients
  • Anyone interested in learning about many-to-many enterprise applications
  • Anyone curious about the current state of PaaS, and what is now possible

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