Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network 2018 Vendor Assessment

IDC’s MarketScape Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network 2018 Vendor Assessment

How Companies will be “Driving Productivity Gains of 2 Percent”

The supply chain technology landscape is rapidly changing.

IDC’s new report Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network 2018 Vendor Assessment, explains: 

"By 2020 half of the large manufacturers will have begun shifting their supply chain applications from enterprise centric to network centric, driving productivity gains of 2 percentage points."


One Network is at the forefront of the network revolution, bringing a proven . platform and a network of over 60,000 companies. The network is powered by artificial intelligence and with an SDK, allowing network apps and intelligent agents to be customized and/or built in a matter of weeks. IDC reports:

One Network offers a true hub-to-hub network that allows each party to operate on the network with a single connection. Each party joins the network once and can participate in multiple shared processes without having to be re-onboarded. A modular, adaptable, and extensible platform as a service (PaaS) is built to deliver multitier, multiparty solutions. One Network also offers third-party development tools (SDK and Studio) that enable any party (customer, partner, etc.) to build its own modules and agents, publishable to the One Network module store, and which are integrated and supported by ONE Platform at no cost to the customer. These additional modules and agents can be built within weeks. Intelligent autonomous agents are embedded into the execution layer to solve problems in real time across the entire network, with the ability to sense and respond, make intelligent decisions, and execute those decisions autonomously. All functional capabilities are available as integrated solutions on the network, across demand orchestration, order orchestration, and logistics orchestration.