Download Using Digital Networks to Drive Business Transformation in Automotive and Manufacturing

Achieving Successful Digital Transformation in the Automotive & Manufacturing Industries

How Automotive and Manufacturing Companies Can Deal with Rising Competition, Diverging Markets, Tightening Regulations and Other Challenges

This new publication explains how companies in the automotive and manufacturing sectors can address fundamental limitations that affect virtually every level of business interaction, internally and externally.

Learn how automotive and manufacturing companies can gain full network visibility, use customer-driven collaboration, and leverage both legacy systems alongside new technologies such as artificial intelligence. This enables them to drive dramatic improvements in operations and in financial performance. Companies using these strategies typically:

  • Improve resource efficiencies by 50%
  • Reduce inventory network-wide by 10 to 40%
  • Improve service levels to over 95%
  • Improve capacity throughput by 10%
  • Reduce expedited freight cost by 30 to 50%

And much more, including how to leverage intelligent agents to “sweat the small stuff” for you. They can autonomously resolve many of the disruptive events that occur daily in the supply chain.

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