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Essential Resources on How to Better Manage Your Supply Chain

Transform your supply chain into a high performance network.

If you could simultaneously slash inventory, improve service levels, and speed up your supply chain, how far ahead of the competition would that put you? And imagine total visibility and end-to-end collaboration, in real time, on a single platform in the cloud.

Find out how leading organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Argos UK, Sinopharm, the Rwandan Ministry of Health and the U.S. Marine Corps have done just that, and how you can too. 

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New Risk Free Software Implementation Methodology with Quick ROI

Latest Additions

  • Putting Value First White Paper - Putting Value First - An innovative approach to enterprise software implementations. Learn how you can getting quicker, better ROI with much lower risk than with traditional implementations.
  • Dana Case Study - How Dana, a global tier 1 supplier to automotive OEMs, exceeded expectations and more than doubled inventory reductions in their automotive supply chain.
  • Automotive OEM - This case study explains how a major automotive OEM reduced transportation costs by 20% and improved service levels.
  • What Makes One Network Different? - Find out exactly how One Network's disruptive technology and business model means better, cheaper, faster solutions for you.
  • Solution: Demand Planning and Replenishment - This paper highlights new tools in demand planning and replenishment that provide full visibility through out the supply chain and halve replenishment times
  • White Paper: Rethinking the Supply Chain - The huge benefits that result from rethinking the supply 
  • Solution: Social Apps - Enable better collaboration across your internal enterprise and with external partners




Real Time Value Network

One Network's Real Time Value Network provides planning, execution and business intelligence solutions built on a federated cloud computing platform. With the Real Time Value Network, companies can plan, execute, and analyze their business on a single, multi-enterprise platform. View Now

Integrated Business Planning Solution

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning leverages the Real Time Value Network to link your organization’s multi-year strategic plan and annual operating plan, your monthly S&OP plans, and all operational plans. Compare your plans with what has actually happened or is currently happening, and even execute your plans across your operations and trading partners. View Now

Intelligent Supply Solution

S&OP Brochure

One Network's unique Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solution is built on the Real Time Value Network, enabling it to coordinate strategic and tactical planning across all internal operations and key trading partners, from the point of consumption to raw material suppliers. View Now


Intelligent Demand Brochure

Achieve 30-45% reduction in days of supply inventory and greater than 99% store in stocks. Intelligent Demand uses a single integrated forecast that is enhanced and updated daily based on consumer sales. Benefits include reduced inventory (cost and days of supply), increased on-shelf availability, increased sales, and lower transportation and labor costs. View Now


Intelligent Supply Brochure

Supply chain planning, execution, fulfillment and collaboration in one solution. Intelligent Supply is a multi-enterprise, many-to many solution that combines planning, execution, fulfillment, collaboration and business intelligence into a single cloud-based solution for companies and their entire supply network. Key benefits include improved customer service levels, lower inventory levels, improved working capital and cash flow, reduced supply chain disruptions, improved operational efficiency, lower IT costs and much more. View Now


Intelligent Logistics Brochure

Manage and automate your entire logistics life cycle. Intelligent Logistics empowers customers to drive the complete life cycle of transportation processes with precision, including procurement and contracting, shipment planning, execution and tracking, yard management, appointment scheduling, and financial and claims settlement – all on a single, cloud-based platform. View Now

Dock Door Scheduling Solution

Dock Door Scheduling Solution

Automate your dock door scheduling. One Network's powerful online Dock Door Scheduling solution allows your trading partners to schedule dock door appointments 24/7 without your intervention, while giving you full and precise control over your dock doors and when and how they can be scheduled. View Now


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Case Studies

Dana Corp - An Automotive Supply Chain Case Study

Dana: An Automotive Case Study

How leading automotive drivetrain manufacturer Dana slashed inventory by over 30%, and gained five other major supply chain improvements.
View Now

Automotive OEM Case Study

Top U.S. Automotive OEM Case Study

Read how this top US car manufacturer was able to reduce annual transportation costs by 20%, speed up material flow through its supply chain, improve service levels and more... View Now

African Healthcare Network - Rwanda - A Case Study

African Healthcare Network: A Case Study on Rwanda

A case study on the African Healthcare Network operating nationwide in Rwanda, providing a secure, chain-of-custody, pharmaceutical network serving hospitals, clinics and the end patient.
View Now


Arrow Electronics Case Study

Arrow Electronics Lowers Costs and Improves Service with Automated Replenishment from One Network. View Now


U.S. Marine Corps Ammunition Case Study

United States Marine Corps Achieves Total Asset Visibility and Automates Flow of Ammunition to Warfighters Worldwide. View Now


DTCI and Menlo Demand-Driven Transportation Case Study

A transportation solution to manage, unify and optimize end-to-end process for domestic military logistics operations. View Now

Albertsons / Safeway supply chain case study

Albertsons / Safeway

Within 78 days from contractual signature, Albertsons' Safeway had rolled out an automated solution across their entire business providing corporate-wide purchase order visibility, online carrier selection and tendering, and in-route shipment visibility from their manufacturers to their distribution centers. Additionally Safeway centralized the storage and maintenance of contracts, which resulted in dramatic increase in compliance worth a large six figure bottom line improvement. View Now


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Webinars and Videos

Demand Management and Demand Sensing

Webinar: The Demand Sensing Revolution

How companies can generate highly accurate short-term demand signals, and meet consumer demand while driving the lowest cost possible across their distribution, manufacturing, and procurement activities.
View Webinar

PaaS / Platform-as-a-Service

Webinar: The Power of PaaS

One Network, reveals how its partners and customers are leveraging One Network’s cloud platform to build, modify, and extend innovative multiparty applications. This webinar features case studies from the US DOD and the healthcare industry.
View Webinar

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales and Operations Planning

Shirell James gives an overview of what S&OP is, how it can help businesses reach their goals, and what to look for in an S&OP solution.
View Video


Intelligent Supply

What is multi-tier supplier collaboration, and what can it do for you? Shirell James discusses ONE's unique Intelligent Supply solution, how it works and the benefits it offers.
View Video

Supply Chain Control Towers Video

Supply Chain Control Towers

This short video looks at supply chain control towers, their strengths and weaknesses, and alternatives.
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Automated Dock Door Scheduling

What can an automated dock door scheduling solution do for you? Shirell James discusses the major advantages, and some surprising side benefits that companies who are using the solution have experienced.
View Now


Consumer-Driven Networks: How To Optimize Your Supply Chain Ecosystem

A discussion with Michael Chang of One Network and Yoke Ho Tung of NCS on how consumer-driven networks will transform supply chain optimization.
View Now


Supply Chain Control Towers: Separating Fact from Fiction

A discussion with Alain Poirier of Tompkins International and Mark Zelenak of One Network on just what a Control Tower is, what it can do and what it can't do. Of special interest are the five best practices to consider when selecting supply chain technology.
View Now


The New Demand-Driven Operations (Full Discussion 38 min)

The world is changing. It is driven by the drum beat of consumers, and your supply chains will need to change with it. This is the full 38 min discussion, The NEW Demand-Driven Operations, features two prominent CEOs who are experts in making supply chains more responsive and agile. View Now


Reducing Lead Time In Consumer Electronics Supply Chain

A discussion with Gene Tyndall of Tompkins International and Doug Kane of One Network on how new technology and processes can reduce lead times in the consumer electronics supply chain. 
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White Papers

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Why Wall St Cares About Your Master Data Strategy - How effective master data management can increase earnings per share, drive business value, and improve your company’s overall financial health View Now

Shelf-Connected: How Demand-Driven Are You Really?

Is Your Supply Network Really Shelf-Connected?

How to identify, and achieve, a truly shelf-connected enterprise. This paper explains a new approach to forecasting, replenishment, collaboration, and S&OP View Now

The Demand Sensing Revolution

The Demand Sensing Revolution

How to use a highly accurate forecast of near-term demand to drive up perfect orders while lowering inventory levels. View Now

Industry Operating Backbones

Industry Operating Backbones

Today's complex global supply chains require a single version of the truth that provides full order and inventory visibility... purpose-built Industry Operating Backbones provide just that. View Now

Distributed Order Management

Distributed Order Management

Learn the real power of Distributed Order Management (DOM), a system that aggregates orders from multiple order capture channels and provides a single source of information across these channels. This paper clearly explains the advantages of DOM, and how it can propel your business ahead of the competition. View Now

Shelf-Connected: How Demand-Driven Are You Really?

Shelf-Connected Checklist

A checklist of the essential requirements of being demand-driven, with a brief explanation of the benefits of each. Use this checklist to discover where you are, and where you can improve. View Now

The Internet of Things and your supply chain

The Internet of Things and Your Supply Chain

This clear and concise guide to "the Internet of Things" (IoT) explains why this technology is so exciting for supply chain professionals, and offers a few examples of how it and related technology can be used to dramatically cut costs by "techsourcing," while maintaining complete control of your end-to-end supply chain and data. View Now

Two Supply Chain Models for Retail: Push vs Pull

Two Supply Chain Models for Retailers

This short paper looks at two fundamentally different models for running your supply chain, one method is common though extremely cumbersome and inefficient, the other elegant and efficient yet very rare. Switching to the second method will save you a lot of headaches, and a lot of money. View Now

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Supply Chain Trends

The Top 10 Trends Transforming the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

This white paper looks at the major changes that are rippling through the pharmaceutical industry, and provides effective strategies for ensuring success in this increasingly volatile market. This is urgent reading for executives in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. View Now

Supply Chain's New World Order

Supply Chain's New World Order

A penetrating and comprehensive look at how supply chains are rapidly changing, and how companies can leverage the cloud for predictive and actionable supply network operations, integrated financial measurement, and integrated business planning. View Now

Home Delivery solutions for Retailers

It's a Consumer-Driven World: Is Your End-Customer Satisfied?

This white paper, using real case studies and examples, describes how companies are feeling pressure to become more responsive to consumer demand; what this means for your supply chain; and the technology that is needed to cope. View Now

Big Data White paper

Turning "Big Data" Into "Big Visibility"

This white paper takes a look at how leading companies are beginning to leverage their data to gain valuable intelligence and automate processes across their end-to-end supply chain. View Now

Control Towers White Paper

The Truth About Control Towers

"Control Towers" are everywhere today, millions of dollars are spent by software vendors promoting "Control Towers" as the solution to supply chain problems. What is the truth? This white paper dissects the concept of "Control Towers" and examines the advantages and often ignored flaws in "Control Towers." View Now
Control Towers vs. Real Time Value Network Cloud Platform

How Do Supply Chain Control Towers Compare to One Network's Cloud Platform?

"Control Towers" are all the rage. This short paper serves as a handy reference chart comparing supply chain control towers to One Network's real-time, multi-enterprise cloud platform. View Now

Improving the Consumer Electronics Supply Chain

Supply chain capabilities are key to delivering on the consumer electronics industry’s value proposition. This white paper goes into the current state of the consumer electronics supply chain, and how it can be improved. View Now


Build to Demand for Automotive

A spike or drop in demand can wreak havoc on automotive original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs) production schedules, market forecasts, sales plans, and supply plans, leading to problems such as stock outs and lost sales, inventory pileups, poor capacity utilization, and declining revenues. This white paper discusses how OEMs can utilize new technology to become truly demand driven and eliminate these problems. View Now


Supply Chain Priorities for the High Tech Industry

With technology products and upgrades flying off the shelves, high-tech companies have a difficult time keeping up with demand and growing competitive pressures. This white paper outlines a solution: rapidly responding to real-time demand throughout all supply chains. View Now


SaaS is Nice But the Network is the Future

A wide variety of businesses are now allowing SaaS vendors to manage an increasing number of functions formerly reserved for locally installed software. But is SaaS sufficient? This white paper discusses new technology poised to propel businesses far beyond where SaaS has taken us.  View Now


How to Measure and Improve Sell Through

With the move from push to "pull" or demand driven supply chains, there is a real opportunity to dramatically increase consumer sell-through. The benefit of doing this: a significant increase in revenue and margins not only for your company, but for your retail partners, suppliers and other trading partners as well. Here's how to do it. View Now


Build to Order

This paper covers how a company can become demand-driven in a build-to-order environment. Achieving this objective requires a transformative approach that results in greater operational visibility, flexibility, coordination, and responsiveness in fulfilling the requirements of customer orders. View Now


Demand-Driven Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

S&OP provides alignment of goals and key resources across the entire value chain to help organizations and their trading partners effectively meet customer needs. In this white paper you will learn the 5 key challenges in S&OP, how they undermine profitability; a completely new approach to S&OP, and the 6 major benefits of the new demand-driven S&OP. View Now

Demand-Driven Retail Supply Chain

Making Demand-Driven Retail a Reality

Research has indicated that sales lost to competitors due to out of stocks total $93 billion. Increasing inventory only makes the problem worse. A new approach shows that you can reduce inventory and operational costs while drastically reducing out-of-stocks. Download this white paper to find out how. View Now

Dock Door Scheduling White paper

Dock Door Scheduling: The Moment of Truth

Automated online dock door scheduling is a simple and easy way to boost the efficiency of the supply chain. This paper explains why dock scheduling plays a vital role, and how to use it to improve your supply chain. View Now

Home Delivery solutions for Retailers

Home Delivery and Same-Day Delivery: How Retailers Can Win on the Next Big Battleground

Retailers today are struggling to respond to the new threat of online giants like Amazon, who are siphoning off their customers. What is driving this? What can you do? This white paper uncovers an advantage retailers have, and outlines an effective strategy to retain customers and improve sales. View Now

Public Sector and Defense White Papers


Real Time Value Network for Defense

One Network's Real Time Value Network quickly brings together legacy and ERP systems with the latest technology, to create a real time supply network for the defense industry. View Now


Global Sustainment Network

Learn how One Network enables all value chain participants to collaborate with their customers, partners, carriers and suppliers on a single network in near real-time. View Now


Cloud and ERP for DoD

Extremely large, multi-party, cloud-computing networks are revolutionizing other industries. This white paper explains the advantages cloud computing can provide over an older, traditional, ERP systems and how it can drive greater and faster results for government and the Dept of Defense. View Now

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